2011 Annual Symposium

    " Leading Entrepreneurial and Innovative Projects "

     October 6-7, Santa Clara, CA
      Silicon Valley, California, USA


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Essential Practices for Successful Innovation
Peter J. Denning, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterrey, CA

Frustrated because competitors with bad ideas seem to get theirs adopted instead of yours? The success rate of innovation initiatives in business and government hovers around 4%. The key to success is not in generating more ideas, cultivating creativity, failing faster, or rewarding genius.  It is in the skillful performance of eight essential practices. The presentation will discuss why the eight practices are all essential for achieving adoption of your innovations. Everyone can benefit and learn from these practices. The presentation will also discuss how you can assess yourself, team, network, or organization to discover your current levels of competence at these practices, and direct your learning and improvement energies to the weakest ones

About Speaker:


Peter Denning was interested in science from an early age and began building electronic circuits as a teenager.  His computer built from pinball machine parts won the science fair in 1959, launching him into the new field of computing.  At MIT for his doctorate in 1968, he worked on prototypes of computer utilities, precursors of today’s “cloud computing”.  He became an educator and taught computer science at Princeton, Purdue, George Mason University, and Naval Postgraduate School.  He was a pioneer in operating systems and computer networks and invented the “working set”, a way of automatically managing data flows in memory that is widely used in modern operating systems from desktops to smartphones. 

In the 1980s, while directing a research lab at NASA Ames Research Center, he became interested in how he could teach his students and researchers to be successful innovators, broadening his attentions to the human practices of technology adoption (innovators-way.com).  He has won twenty-seven awards for his work in computing science and education.  He is a past president of ACM, the oldest scientific society in computing.  He is currently editor of Ubiquity (ubiquity.acm.org), ACM’s online peer-reviewed journal about the future and the people who are inventing it.

Denning is co-author of The Innovator’s Way (with Robert Dunham, MIT Press 2010).