2011 Annual Symposium

    " Leading Entrepreneurial and Innovative Projects "

     October 6-7, Santa Clara, CA
      Silicon Valley, California, USA


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Risky Business – The New Media Age and Innovation -  Charles (Chuck) House, Executive Director of Media X, Stanford University

Anyone, anywhere anytime can now find, connect with, or compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Be careful what you wish for! Just when business schools have mastered how to teach marketing skills, operational efficiency and productivity, the rules changed to challenges about contribution and innovation.  Some say this is simply ‘the next fad’, but evidence suggests we’ve misunderstood a crucial element about innovation leadership. At the same time, decentralized, off-shored and outsourced activities plus increasingly capable innovation centers across the globe skyrocketed. Examples from current high-tech situations as well as the book inform this provocative talk, which calls for business leaders to change their ways, to embrace innovation risk or risk extinction.

About Speaker:

sp_chuckhouseChuck House is executive director of Media X, Stanford University’s pre-eminent program on the Impact of Information Technology on Society. House is currently focused on the impact of social networking technologies, particularly distance learning and collaboration using multi-mediated Web networking. These studies complement a long-standing involvement with renewal business strategies and innovative techniques for medium and larger corporations

 Chuck has been a high-tech executive for forty years, with Intel, Dialogic, Veritas, Informix, and HP. House, a graduate of Caltech and Stanford, is a past president of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and an ACM and an IEEE Fellow. He is the author of The HP Phenomenon: Innovation and Business Transformation (with Raymond Price, Stanford Business Books 2009).


bk_hpphenomenonHouse has been on the Computer History Museum Board since 1990, and a Network Fellow for the Global Business Network since 1987.  A member of the International Leadership Forum, House was for many years with the Council on Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) in Washington D.C