Volunteer Categories and Engagement Process

Chapter Volunteer Categories

The chapter has two main categories of volunteers: Officers and non-Officers. The Chapter is a California nonprofit corporation with and board of six elected and possibly one appointed Officer.

In addition to providing the chapter leadership, Officers have legal responsibilities for the chapters well being. Our non-Officer cadre of volunteers is empowered by the Board of Directors to work on specific operational needs for an open-ended term.

Volunteer Cadre and Chapter Leadership

One way to develop a relationship with an individual is to work with them, if not shoulder-to-shoulder, at least on a team. To build a cohesive team the Chapter Officers bring the volunteer cadre together multiple times a year.

Those individuals that show potential as possible future chapter leaders are invited to the leadership meetings for discussion of current and future chapter operations.

Volunteer Application and Engagement Process

  1. To apply to become a volunteer, please fill out and submit the volunteer application form. (Note: all volunteers agree to be bound by the pdf Volunteers Agreement .)
  2. You will be invited to join an orientation, either by web conference or a phone call. Time frame may be several weeks -- this depends on volunteer availability to conduct the orientation.
  3. A phone call will be scheduled to understand your desired level and style of commitment, goals for volunteering and what opportunities are of interest. We try to match people to their interests and goals, but can't always guarantee a perfect match. Time frame for this call may be several days to several weeks, again depending on volunteer availability to make these calls.
  4. A match will be suggested and introduction to the relevant team will be made.
  5. More discussion may occur before a final assignment is settled.